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Put your vagina first.

It’s time we start prioritizing our vaginal health

Only $1.57 to your vaginal health every day.

Because you don't have to wait for the problem to arise. Choose to restore & maintain your vaginal health today!

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Did You Know...

Every month our vaginal environment fluctuates due to our menstrual cycle. This causes the loss of good bacteria, making us more susceptible to uro-vaginal infections (UTIs, BV, and yeast infections). In addition to that, there are other factors that cause the destruction of good bacteria, everything from feminine hygiene products, to spermicides and antibiotics.† 

To combat the loss of good bacteria, we need to ensure our vaginal environment is restored and maintained through daily probiotic supplementation. Through continued daily use, every month, the vaginal environment and pH will be restored and maintained as you keep taking it. 


What People Are Saying

love it!

i’ve tried a few different probiotics for vaginal health and none of them ever worked. ordered this after seeing the owner on tik tok and decided to give it a chance. i had BV when it arrived and after 2 days on the probiotic it went away! definitely will reccomend!


G. Joseph

Boston, MA

Game Changer!

I’ve been struggling with UTIs recently and this product has definitely helped me so much and I literally feel the difference when I pee! My physician recommended that I look into probiotics and products with cranberry concentrate rather than beginning antibiotics right away. Definitely going to be ordering again once I am running low!!


A. Bodzin

Los Angeles, USA

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