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With love, soul, and creativity

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My Story

My name is Giana Jarrah, a biomedical engineer who has always sought to make the world a healthier place. During my undergraduate education, I battled recurrent and chronic UTIs, and formed resistance to multiple antibiotics. After so many in such a short period of time, with no solution from medical professionals (aside from more antibiotic treatment), I decided to do my own research. In my research, I realized how little us women actually knew about our vaginal health. I started to understand the female anatomy and the importance of probiotics for optimal genitourinary health. I began working in the laboratories on campus, designing and conducting experiments to showcase the incredible effects of probiotics and why they are so essential for the vagina. I wanted to remove the stigma surrounding the discussion of our vaginas and begin educating women on the science. I realized no gold standard probiotic supplement existed on the market for women and their urinary/vaginal health. It was at that point that I trusted science and myself, and worked to design a once daily oral probiotic supplement to support and maintain a healthy and infection-free vagina.  

Thus, I created With Meraki Co., meraki being a Greek word that means to do something with love, soul and creativity-to leave a piece of yourself in your work. I wanted a name that would display my passion for advancing women's health. My entire motto of putting my customers first with the utmost love, soul and creativity is now embedded in the name and I want this brand to connect with women on a level that makes them feel seen and cared for.

"Women's health needs to be front and center. It often isn't, but it needs to be."

Cynthia Nixon

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"When women take care of their health, they become their own best friend"

Maya Angelou

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Put Your Vagina First

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