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WMC to Donate a Percentage of Sales to Palestine Relief Efforts This Holiday Season

The last month and half have weighed heavy on my heart being an Arab woman. Since I began my journey as a biomedical engineer, I have always taken the opportunity to become an engineer as a first generation Syrian-American woman very seriously. My mother immigrated from Syria at just 21 years old. She left her home all alone before she even knew herself and moved across the world with my father to have children in a new country and plant roots in an unknown land. My mother put me first by giving me the opportunity to achieve whatever my heart would desire, so I do not take my position as an engineer and scientist lightly and I certainly do not take it for granted.

I have watched a painfully large amount of young Palestinian girls dreaming to become engineers, not make it another day. I have watched many Palestinian women who worked so hard to break generational cycles and become the first scientist or engineer in their family, brutally lose their life in the last month. I have watched my Arab brothers and sisters be deprived of water, food, shelter, land and life.

The backbone of my brand is to help people. To tear down the stigma surrounding vaginal health, giving people with a vagina a place they can feel seen, heard and cared for, with love. With my deep sense of gratitude for the life I get to live because of my mother’s sacrifice, and the strong passion I have to help people, it only felt right to use this holiday season for giving. I am so incredibly honored that I am in a position where I can use my business for good and help people in a way little Giana could have only dreamed of.

This holiday season, With Meraki Co will be donating to the civilians of Palestine through PCRF and Women for Women. I know many of you are equally as passionate as I am about my mission to change the way we study and treat female reproductive health, and I want to give you all the opportunity to share my passion in yet another way by choosing the gift of giving this holiday season. I am committed to always standing as an inclusive, diverse and just brand for any and everyone. Using my voice and status to help those who aren’t certain they will see another day is something my heart is passionate about. I hope you will all join me in the fight for justice to reach aid to the people of Palestine.

With love,


Donate directly to PCRF

Donate directly to Women for Women

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